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Nov. 8, 2022

1 Chronicles Chapter 22 - Bible Study for Atheists

1 Chronicles Chapter 22 - Bible Study for Atheists

Basically we hate the Chronicler

Husband and Wife cover 1 Chronicles chapter 22: 

The Site for the Temple (cont.) / David's Preparation for the Temple. 

The Chronicler really ticks us off in this chapter as he keeps calling the building materials innumerable, un-weigh-able, and uncountable, all of which is nonsense because nothing on this planet is immeasurable and literally all they had to do was COUNT.  It's not like they needed the quadratic equation for goodness sake! Then the Chronicler steals Solomon's story and attributes the building of the temple to David which is complete BS since we know God was like "Do not build that shit." Basically we hate the Chronicler.

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