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Season 8

May 10, 2022

1 Samuel Chapter 2 - Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover 1 Samuel chapter 2: The Song of Hannah / The Sins of Eli's Sons. You'll be pleased to know we refrain from singing, but Wife does engage a Texas accent for no particular reason. God changes the details ...

1 Samuel

May 08, 2022

Bible Study for Atheists Weekly: Ruth Chapters 1 - 4 with Q&A and Ruth Wrap Up

Bible Study for Atheists Weekly is a collection of last week's episodes by Sacrilegious Discourse with Husband and Wife. This week's collection includes Ruth Chapters 1 - 4 our Weekly Q&A and the wrap-up for Ruth. --- Send...


May 06, 2022

Ruth Chapters 1 - 4 Q&A plus Ruth Wrap Up

Husband and Wife cover the Book of Ruth and learn about Oprah, lesbian icons, and some crazy fanfic about a certain giant's ancestry. Wife is a bit manic in this one and spills some juicy hot goss. Oh, and FYI: feet = dicks. ...


May 05, 2022

Ruth Chapter 4 - Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Ruth chapter 4 (*spoilers, Darling*): Boaz Marries Ruth. After purchasing his newest bride, he instantly impregnates her. Their son is supposed to be super famous but like I already can't even remember ...


May 04, 2022

Ruth Chapter 3 - Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Ruth chapter 3: Ruth and Boaz at the Threshingfloor. Naomi was like, "Gurl, wash your face, so I can sell you." And Ruthie got all dolled up for good prostituting and she won! After trying her out for h...


May 03, 2022

Ruth Chapter 2

Husband and Wife cover Ruth chapter 2: Ruth Gleans in the Field of Boaz. The barley party is in session! And Ruth doesn't even get raped, in spite of the fact that she's a Moabite! Bootstraps are fully engaged and Ruth is wor...


May 02, 2022

Ruth Chapter 1 - Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Ruth chapter 1. Naomi loses her husband and sons, but one of her daughters-in-law, Ruth, travels with her to a barley party. We're more cilantro-centric, but whatever gets you there. --- Send in a vo...