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Sept. 22, 2020

Genesis Chapters 30 - 31 Bible Study for Atheists

Genesis Chapters 30 - 31 Bible Study for Atheists
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Husband and Wife cover Genesis chapter 30: The Children Born to Jacob (cont.) / The Trickery of Laban and Jacob; and chapter 31: Jacob Flees from Laban. We learn there are multiple gods and we encounter a legit mic drop. Laban the dick gets what's coming to him. But not really because they all walk away friendly-like after yet another convenant. --- Send in a voice message:

hey you welcome to sacrilegious discourse i'm husband i'm wife and together we're reading the bible
starting with genesis and eventually ending with revelations we're working through every book and offering our
atheist two cents four shekels yeah those we're asking questions and pointing out
all the nonsense we aren't academics or scholars nope in fact when it comes to religion we really don't know anything
at all what we've learned so far is that god's a dick oh he really is isn't he if
you're interested in how we reached this startling conclusion maybe start from episode one otherwise jump in anywhere
it's all good [Music]
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husband yes wife i forgot to tell you something last time oh yeah yeah it's really cool
want to hear it uh sure can't wait we are over halfway through the book of genesis and just how many how many more
books of the bible are there there's 66 total
which is kind of funny in and of itself man i've been doing this a while
but still that's really cool like i've never read this much of any bible ever
yeah me either not any bible so yeah um there's 50 chapters in the
book of genesis oh okay um we're doing chapters um 30 and 31 today
so yeah we're we already missed the halfway point we're over here no that's what i wanted to tell you awesome it's
very excited about it it just makes me happy that we're going to learn about nimrod again soon you hope
we got to well oh because we're going to do a bonus about him yeah oh i forgot okay yeah
yeah sorry um do you remember what happened last time oh like we literally recorded just a couple
nights ago um you don't i don't oh my god you suck
yeah okay so um what's his butt that that doesn't help
jacob okay jacob yeah he married um oh yeah he had to marry two girls yeah
because his uncle lay bam was a dick right and tricked him into working
seven years one of them had a sparkle and the other one was a dog leah was the dog yeah poor leah but
she had like a thousand babies right because he made the other one barren because god's a dick yeah yeah you
caught it i got it now yeah i just need a little you know like it's like a jump start you know i mean i
need a little bit of just crank the the motor a little bit and then and then jacob also saw the stairway to heaven
right i just i can't every time i hear that i'm thinking you know the the you want to i want to sing the
led zeppelin song i want to sing it too but i don't know well enough to do it with justice i'd want to do it justice but we both
like kept pausing and thinking i'm gonna i'm gonna sing it we're gonna have to play that later
maybe not on the podcast you guys play it on your own yeah we're gonna play it on our own homework homework yeah go play stairway
to have my led zeppelin all right should we see what happens with all them babies jacob had yeah
what's coming up today i just told you oh well tell me again because i forgot genesis chapters 30 and 31. i mean i
can't remember like you know anything no it's true all right well let's get get on this alrighty
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so you won't know this because we didn't keep it but i just accidentally read the
wrong chapter 30 from the wrong book yeah you did yeah i did and we were so confused we were like what is happening
we were learning about the arc of the covenant and how to build an instance holder that goes on the front of it and i was like what the [ __ ] and then he was
talking about meeting aaron there and i'm like who is aaron oh my god okay so not that you guys care but anyway back
to genesis well i just thought it was funny like i'm a human and i messed up right and this is real yeah okay all
right let's find out what happened in genesis yes genesis chapter 30. when rachel saw that she wasn't having
any children for jacob okay this is much more ongoing that makes more sense she became jealous
of her sister the dog one leah right the one without the sparkle yeah she pleaded
with jacob give me children or i'll die oh my gosh that's dramatic that is super
dramatic then jacob became furious with rachel and my god he asked he's the one
who has kept you from having children oh these people are wow what the hell
like it couldn't possibly be that there were any medical like dude you loved quote unquote
rachel yeah and you've been [ __ ] the hell out of leah at least five times because she's giving you kids
and you're like and then you're like that's god's fault [ __ ] you get away from me yeah and she's like
rachel's like you're terrible for not impregnating me and she's not wrong she's not wrong well no but she
he's terrible for caring more about kids than and and [ __ ] like that than
than who he loves don't forget we talked about this last time kids were very important way back
when i know i know but it's all a bunch of [ __ ] it is remember how we talked about how he said
he loved her and it was mostly it's lust yes stop talking stop using the wrong
[ __ ] words because the bible's like love lust they're the same thing what yeah it's true they're not the same
they're not and it's okay if you lust but you know you should be honest yeah he thought
rachel was pretty enough to lie about her as a sister because if you loved her you wouldn't care if she gave you children or not right
so whatever whatever bad jacob bad jacob then rachel told him take my maid billa
and sleep with her she will bear children for me and through her i can have a family too
what's this like take my maid and they'll have children for me thing i mean why don't you just is this where like the handmaid's tale like is that
where it like handmade is that a bible thing i think it is okay so like this is it's like sex slaves but you know
also they do the cooking and cleaning why not just steal your sister's babies why do you have to steal your maids
babies and by maid let's be honest slave where are you at what does it matter that your
maids having it versus your sister i don't know i guess because she can legitimately steal that baby and she
can't steal her sister's babies i guess i don't think there should be any baby
stealing happening right what do i know right so rachel gave her servant billa to
jacob as a wife and he slept with her i want to know what that means giving them
to them as a wife oh i think you know what it means billa became pregnant and presented him
with a son rachel named him dan for she said god
has vindicated me he has heard my request and given me a son but he didn't he gave billa a son then
billa became pregnant again and gave jacob a second son rachel named him
naphtali for she said i have struggled hard with my sister and i'm winning
what the what it's a contest your maid is winning and not only that but leah has had four or
five kids right only had two three so you're not winning halfway oh but
they were boys and she is his love so hypothetically maybe she thinks she's
the legit wife well i mean yeah although leah was the first wife yeah she was second so
technically leah is the legit wife i think yeah i mean i don't know i think it's all a bunch of [ __ ] that is a
bunch of [ __ ] meanwhile leah realized that she wasn't getting pregnant anymore so she took her servant
zilpah and gave her to jacob as a wife because jacob was just getting it on with all right it was damn
soon zilpah presented him with a son leah named him gad for she said how fortunate am i is that like e he gets
then zuppa gave jacob a second son and leah named him asher oh i didn't
realize that asher was a name from the bible i guess i should have i knew a guy named asher
his mom was very bible i knew a song called brim full of asher oh asha never mind i don't know never
mind give me it's a really good song by corner shop if you want to look it up whatever and leah named him asher for she said
what joy is mine now the other women will celebrate with me oh this is so whack
one day during the wheat harvest reuben found some mandrakes growing in a field
and brought them to his mother leah i was like wait which one is reuben reuben was one of the ones that leah had legit
yeah because i remember thinking it sounded like a sandwich yeah a reuben sandwich
yeah rachel begged leah please give me some of your son's mandrakes but leah angrily replied wasn't it enough that
you stole my husband now will you steal my son's mandrakes too wait wait wait
wait wait you stole rachel's husband because he was trying to marry her yeah
you stole flirt for seven years wow what a [ __ ]
okay i'm not team leah anymore not that i ever was but now i'm really not i mean i'm not team bible for god's sakes okay
no but if we're picking sides here all right all right definitely not team leah right she's a [ __ ] yeah
rachel answered i will let jacob sleep with you tonight if you will give me some man drinks
[Laughter] oh my god i need mushrooms so bad
i will let you sleep with my husband who is also your husband yeah like let you like what whatever i'll sleep with him
what whether whatever i married him first then i'll sleep with him when i want to yeah
oh man jacob's got to be so worn out four women fighting over him and mushrooms
this person no [ __ ] this person no [ __ ] me no [ __ ] her
you could you imagine having that problem that's ridiculous that's ridiculous i'm glad we don't have that
problem yeah i would be like whatever so that evening as jacob was coming home
from the fields leah went out to meet him you must come and sleep with me tonight she said i have paid for you
with some mandrakes that my son found so that night he slept with leah and yeah that is prostitution
oh my god [Laughter] and that makes rachel a pimp right right
yeah and god answered leah's prayers she became pregnant again and gave birth to
a fifth son for jacob what's god's deal with rachel though like what the hell i don't even know like he's grant lee all
this [ __ ] cause she's first born woman and by trickery and thieves yeah she took the spot that rachel was supposed
to have and then he's like i'm gonna punish the one that he actually loved because because why not why
i don't know whatever she named him issachar for she said god has rewarded me for giving me my servant
to my husband as a wife i god rewards people for some stupid-ass [ __ ] okay
this is people claiming that god yeah i know i know i know but like it's in the bible it's in the bible they're saying
it in the bible i think these people are dumb and backwards i don't think that they get it i don't guess but god is
really weird too god is definitely really weird but i don't think that these people
actually know um that their pregnancies or lack thereof come from god one way or
the other if you say so okay every time something good happens they're like praise god he must love me i'm the best
and every time something bad happens they're like god didn't um give me things and he's punishing me
and oh what did i do wrong so i mean that's ignorant yeah
then leah became pregnant again and gave birth to a sixth son for jacob she named
him zebulon for she said god has given me a good reward now my husband will treat me with respect for i have given
him six sons she keeps saying that every time and he just doesn't ever love her the best at least it doesn't seem that
way according to you know what we're reading right oh my god later she gave birth to a
daughter and named her dinah then god remembered rachel's plight i
guess he had forgotten it but then he remembered oh snap maybe i should go back and help her out and answered her
prayers by enabling her to have children he flipped switch isn't that nice of him go go rachel
but like i don't understand in the first place right doesn't make any sense she became pregnant and gave birth to a
son god has removed my disgrace she said and she named him joseph
ah for she said may the lord add yet another son to my family but could you
imagine like women are merely vessels oh i know like obviously that is so
disgustoid i'm so glad that now women don't have to fight for the
right to their own body and autonomy [Laughter]
oh wicked evil laugh 2020 and we're still trying to get women's rights up in here yeah [ __ ] bible
the trickery of laban and jacob oh more trickery uncle laban didn't you do
enough harm soon after rachel had given birth to joseph jacob said to laban please
release me so i can go home to my own country let me take my wife my wife's
sorry let me take my wives and children for i have earned them by serving you and let me be on my way you certainly know how
hard i have worked for you please listen to me layman said i have become wealthy for the lord has
blessed me because of you tell me how much i owe you whatever it is i'll pay it
jacob replied you know how hard i've worked for you and how your flocks and herb herds herbs herds have grown under
my care you had little indeed before i came but your wealth has increased enormously
the lord has blessed you through everything i've done but now what about me when can i start providing for my own
family what wages do you want laban asked again
jacob replied don't give me anything just do this one thing and i'll continue to attend and
watch over your flocks let me inspect your flocks today and remove all the sheep and goats that are speckled or
spotted along with all the black sheep oh oh i'm a black black sheep hmm
black sheep give these to me as my wages in the future when you check on the animals you have given me as my wages
you'll see that i have been honest if you find in my flock any goats without speckles or spots or any sheep that are
not black you will know that i have stolen them from you all right laban replied it will be as
you say but that very day laban went out and removed the male goats that were
streaked and spotted all the female goats that were spec speckled and spotted or had white patches and all the
black sheep what an [ __ ] uncle laban is not nice no
he placed them in the care of his own sons who took them a three days journey from where jacob was meanwhile jacob
stayed and cared for the rest of laban's flock then jacob took some fresh branches from
poplar almond and plain trees and peeled off strips of bark making white streaks
on them then he placed these peeled branches in the watering troughs where the flocks
came to drink for that was where they made it and when they made it in front of the white streaked branches they gave
birth to young that were streaked speckled and spotted nice jacob separated these lambs from
layban's flock and at mating time he turned the flock to face laban's animals
that were streaked or black this is how he built his own flock instead of increasing lay bans whenever the
stronger females were ready to mate jacob would place the peeled branches and the watering troughs in front of
them then they would meet in front of the branches but he didn't do this with the weaker ones so the weaker lamps
belonged to layman and the stronger ones were jacobs i approve this message
as a result jacob became very wealthy with large flocks of sheep and goats female and male servants slaves and many
camels and donkeys the end we're good on him he got his whatever in the end i guess yeah i mean
he got tricked so much first he got tricked by having to marry the wrong woman and then he got tricked into
having to serve another seven years to marry the one he wanted to marry right then he got tricked with all these kids
and maids and whatnot and then he gets tricked into not having the right sheep and goats
right so he's like screw you i'll show you he's like i'm done uncle laban definitely yeah okay let's move on to
chapter 31 sounds good we'll see you guys there [Music]
okay so genesis chapter 31 and we are still under the section entitled the
trickery of laban and jacob okay so here we go but jacob soon learned
that late band's sons were grumbling about him jacob has robbed our father of
everything they said he has gained all his wealth at her father's expense it's kind of like they have no idea that
their father was like a dick right yeah cause i mean really yeah he was quite
the dick he had come into him what he got you know right and jacob began to notice a change in
laban's attitude toward him oh i'm gonna sulk now because you didn't let me screw
you over where will then the lord said to jacob return to
the land of your father and grandfather and to your relatives there and i will be with you
okay okay so was that a zoom call he had i i guess who knows um but he had to ask he asked
laban if he could go back to his father's land but then now it's okay because god god said zoom down and said
it's like go back i'm giving you the go ahead okay all right so jacob called rachel and
leah out to the field where he was watching his flock he said to them i have noticed that your father's attitude
toward me has changed but conveniently and absolutely not a coincidence in any way whatsoever the
god of my father has been with me you know how hard i have worked for your father but he has cheated me changing my
wages ten times but god has not allowed him to do me any harm for if he said the
speckled animals will be your wages the whole flock began to produce speckled young i mean he had something to do with
that yeah and when he changed his mind and said the striped animals will be your wages
then the whole flock produced striped young in this way god has taken your father's animals and given them to me i
don't know i mean through no help from me whatsoever that's [ __ ] yeah
because he was totally manipulating it yeah like i mean good on him because he was getting screwed over by i mean let's
not get a big head now he's lying about it now he's saying it's all god and it's like it wasn't god it was all you dude
which is fine right which is fine but be honest yeah one time during the meeting season i had
a dream and saw that the male goats meeting with the females were streaked speckled and spotted then in my dream
the angel of god said to me jacob exclamation point and i replied yes here
i am i always say yes here i am yes here i am the angel said look up and you will see
that only the streaked speckled and spotted males are mating with the females of your flock for i have seen
how laban has treated you i am the god who appeared to you at bethel the place where you anointed the pillar of stone
and made your vow to me now get ready and leave this country and return to the land of your birth god including is that
implying that there's other gods i've had that question before myself right because i mean he has to specify i'm the
god that appeared at this place yeah not not one of those other the god period right
yeah all right this seems to be happening like though right after or right along the tails of
people believing in multiple gods right no i mean i get that but they're trying to pretend in this book
that there is only ever and will only ever be one guy right and they're ignoring the fact that there are other
guys and they're not bringing up at all right like when they say you know i'm a jealous god only pray to me well i mean
except for that sometimes in their writing they're like they they screw up sometimes and they yeah they forget their uh their place they forget their
pronouns and whatnot rachel and leah responded that's fine with us we won't inherit any of our
father's wealth anyway he has reduced our rights to those of foreign women and after he sold us he wasted the money you
paid for him for his repeat him for us all the wealth god has given you from our father legally belongs to us and our
children so go ahead and do whatever god has told you peace out dad yeah did you like the tone
i put on that that's great yeah those were all their words but i really gave them some sass yeah yeah jacob flees
from laban please that sounds like he's running away he is running the [ __ ] away murder
each other right yeah i mean he doesn't have laban's permission to leave because laban's like keep working keep working
that's true and he's like hey i notice everybody's mad at me and oh yeah but god said i could go now bye
[Music] so jacob put his wives and children on camels and he drove all his livestock in
front of him he packed all the belongings he had acquired in padang ram and i always wanted to say um bananarama
no but no like when i was listening re-listening to our previous episodes i
was like really upset with myself that i never once said bananarama instead of pajama ram
okay so anyway he packed all the belongings he had acquired in bananarama and set out
and set out for the land of canaan where his father isaac lived hey isaac what up
homie at the time they left laban was some distance away sharing his sheep rachel
stole her father's household idols and took them with her okay that was unnecessary right
jacob outwitted laban the error man for they set out secretly and never told
laban they were leaving i mean we kind of got that right so jacob took all his possessions with him and crossed the
euphrates river heading for the hill country of gilead three days later laban was told that
jacob had fled hmm nice three days yeah i mean this is a huge land right right
so he gathered a group of his relatives and set out in hot pursuit whoa does this say hop shoot it says hot pursuit
interesting i'm just like why just let him go what are you going to do beat him and make him work for you more
like a lunching party but i think he's like let's go get they got torches and everything probably probably are they
wearing khakis i don't know probably he caught up with jacob pitchfork oh
yeah pitchforks are good pitchforks and those types of things tiki torches yeah definitely yeah you gotta have those
things yeah he caught up with jacob seven days later in the hill country of gilead but the previous night god had
appeared to lay banned the era man in a dream a zoom call
and told him i'm warning you leave jacob alone damn
that's serious business right yeah if you could have god appear to somebody and say i'm warning you leave husband
alone all right would you utilize that i guess maybe
i would i'm warning you leave husband and wife alone right that'd be awesome yeah laban
caught up with jacob as he was camped in the hill country of gilead and he set up his camp not far from jacob's
what do you mean by deceiving me like this laban demanded i mean that's some
balls seriously right to go confront him after god told you like you know dude chill
like who the [ __ ] do you think you are though like first you cheated this guy with the wife thing then you tried to
cheat him with the lamb thing you cheated him with the working seven billion years thing like
you were a cheat and a liar right and then when he leaves you go after him and have the [ __ ] balls
to say how dare right and that's after like you said god warned him yeah yeah you know what laban
can eat a dick right i just don't even care no how dare you drag my daughters away like prisoners of war why did you
slip away secretly why did you deceive me and why didn't you say you wanted to leave i would have given you a farewell
feast with singing and music accompanied by tambourines and harps do you believe him no he had to find some other way to
rope him in for another 20 years yeah why didn't you let me kiss my daughters and grandchildren and tell them goodbye
you have acted very foolishly i mean the girls were like they were all
for it they're like let's get out of here yeah clearly they were like not wanting to say goodbye doesn't sound
like he had a big fan club no no playban's a dick i could destroy you but the god of your
father appeared to me last night and warned me leave jacob alone i can understand your feeling that you must go
in your intense longing for your father's home but why have you stolen my gods
his potatoes oh so wait so he's listening to another god
and that they're actually recognizing here that they're there are other gods and he's worshipping those what the idols were
why did the girls steal them though i don't know maybe just piss them off like one time
um with one of my way back ex-boyfriends like right after high school um i stole his toothbrush
that's just because i knew it would put them out so maybe they were like that's something
you can easily fix at speed you know at a gas station in the morning easy enough to fix but it was just enough that it
was like a pain in his ass right because like how often do you go to the store to
get a new toothbrush right only when your old one is like worn out and you're like okay
yeah so it was like just enough of a thing to be a thorn in his side yeah so
i mean i could see why they might have taken those idols right right sorry joe
i rushed away because i was afraid jacob answered i thought you would take your daughters from me by force but as for
your gods see if i see if you can find them and let the person who has taken them die
oh [ __ ] oopsie yeah and if you find anything else that belongs to you
identify it before all these relatives of ours and i will give it back damn jacob is kind of honest yeah except
for like he knew laban would try to cheat him with the goats and thieve goats and
thieves goats and what are they called sheep yeah that yeah but jacob did not know that rachel had
stolen the household idols they banned first went into jacob's tent to search there
then into leah's and then the tents of the two servant wives but he found nothing
finally he went into rachel's tent but rachel had taken the household idols and hidden them in her camel saddle and now
she was sitting on them when laban had thoroughly searched her tent without finding them she said to her father
please sir forgive me if i don't get up for you i'm having my monthly period oh
damn so laban continued his search but he could not find the household idols so
that was the first example of a woman um using her period as an excuse as an
excuse to get out of something right that is awesome then jacob became very angry and he
challenged laban what's my crime he demanded what have i done wrong to make you chase after me as though i were a
criminal you have rummaged through everything i own now show me what you found that belongs to you set it out here in front
of us before our relatives for all to see let them judge between us for 20
years i have been with you caring for your flocks and all that time your sheep and goats never miscarried in all those
years i never used a single ram of yours for food if any were attacked and killed by wild
animals i never showed you the carcass and asked you to reduce the count of your flock no i took the loss myself you
made me pay for every stolen animal whether it was taken in broad daylight or in the dark of night
i worked for you through the scorching heat of the day and through cold and sleepless nights yes for 20 years i slaved in your house
i worked for 14 years earning your two daughters and then six more years for your flock and you changed my wages 10
times in fact if the god of my father had not been on my side the god of abraham and the fearsome god of isaac
you would have sent me away empty-handed but god has seen your abuse and my hard work
that is why he appeared to you last night and rebuked you that's like but if you believe in other
gods why would you care okay but that was like a mic drop that was like an old school mic drop seriously he was like
boom i'm done with your [ __ ] right i mean good for him yeah good good job jacob i'm with you definitely
then laban replied to jacob these women are my daughters these children are my grandchildren and these flocks are my
flocks in fact everything you see is mine but what can i do now about my daughters and their children so come
let's make a covenant you and i oh my gosh and it will be a witness to our
commitment are they going to put each other's hands under each other's thighs so jacob took a stone and set it up as a
monument oh let's make a monument babe look you just take a stone that's a stone yeah and you set it up and you say
this is a monument okay then he told his family members gather them gather some stones so they gathered
stones and piled them in a heap then jacob and laban sat down beside the pile of stones to eat a covenant meal
to commemorate the event laban called the place jagar saha dutha which means witness
pile in aramaic and jacob called it galead which means witness pile in
hebrew oh i didn't realize that they spoke different things yeah huh that's interesting that
is interesting then laban declared this pile of stones will stand as a witness to remind us of the covenant we have
made today this explains why it was called galead witness pile but it was
also called mizpah which means watchtower for laban said may the lord
keep watch between us to make sure that we keep this covenant when we are out of each other's sight if you mistreat my
daughters or if you marry other wives god will see it even if no one else does
which god right he is a witness to this covenant between us
see this pile of stones light ban continued and see this monument i have set between us they stand between us as
witnesses of our vows i will never pass this pile of stones to harm you and you must never pass these stones or this
monument to harm me i call on the god of our ancestors the god of your grandfather abraham and the god of my
grandfather nahor to serve as a judge between us so jacob took an oath before the
fearsome god of his father isaac to respect the boundary line then jacob offered a sacrifice to god
there on the mountain and invited everyone to a covenant feast after they had eaten they spent the
night on the mountain laban got up early the next morning and he kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and
blessed them then he left and returned home no isn't that nice i mean he was completely in the wrong
and then he's like well let me just you know make a deal with you right that i won't kill you
after all right and we're gonna use your god even though you don't believe in that god apparently because you had all those idols
and we all know what god thinks of idols maybe he was trying to check the box and like believed in all the gods right
right i mean that seems more likely maybe but i mean you know like you think if they're gonna just randomly
bring up all gods that they might have discussed that a little bit right and like why there's
other gods that people believe in right and are they real i think they might be real just suddenly had idols of all
these other gods right and do you think they're real i mean they sounded as real as you know he's
like your god because you know like it didn't seem any more shocking that he encountered this god versus his gods
right you know what i mean yeah like he wasn't like blown away and like you know suddenly oh dude bowing to the
lord right right i don't know it seems a little seems like there were a lot of gods right it does huh it does
i got that feeling before but this seems more even more likely yeah let's keep
track really really interesting because it's almost like they're giving the fact that there was multiple gods
like they're like right yeah yeah there was there was there was other gods what do you think happened we like this one
so what do you think happened to those gods well i mean we still have a
bunch of different religions in the world but they mostly all believe in the same god like the
jews and the muslims and the christians and the catholics which i guess are
christians but an entirely different kind of christian they all um
they all agree that it's the same one god right they just worship him differently and
but there's also islam and you know buddhism and hinduism and there's like a
million different religions in india i thought that islam was part of that same god it's in the same realm yeah
it might be the same god i'm pretty sure it's the same guy i'm not enough familiar with it but but i mean there's
definitely different teachings with that type of religion too right but they all celebrate the same god
the one god right they celebrate very differently and they interpret his rules very differently right but he is the one
true god to those people but there are a bunch of other religions in like sure india and stuff like that so like there
are definitely other religions so i don't know do you think any of those gods were
really real at that time no because i don't believe in in any god
so no i don't so do you think that those people were just like smoking some good
[ __ ] then the mushrooms that that that leah stole well it's either that there's so little
to do in this world that you know making up these amazing stories and and crazy things that are happening is just that
much makes life that much more exciting so now we have twitter so why are there still so many different religions well
because we've been doing this for two thousand years or plus you know is it going to take another 2 000 years to quit it
probably you know it just whatever okay yeah all
right well um our next episode is going to be on a tuesday or thursday
[Laughter] one of them yeah one of those it'll be on a thursday it'll be on a thursday and
it'll be covering genesis chapters 32 and 33. so join us on thursday for the
next installment of sacrilegious discourse yeah [Music]
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