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Refreshing take on the Bible!

Very fun and binge worthy. Can’t wait for them to get the bigger following they deserve.


I used to be saved born again Christian in my way to becoming god now I’m going to hell thank you sacrilegious discourse jezinately via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 11/17/22

Entertaining AF

I just discovered this podcast yesterday and have been listening non stop since. Hilarious couple. Keep up the good work and keep me laughing as I drive across the country in my semi truck.

I love this podcast

I just discovered this podcast yesterday and I've been binge listening ever since. This couple make a great team.

So happy I came across this podcast

So happy I came across this podcast. I've been trying to go through the Bible recently myself, and have had similar reactions to you guys - it's batshit. I know I'm months behind on these videos, but this is exactly the kind of series I've been looking for. I grew up in an Evangelical Christian environment so I'm relatively familiar with this material, but it's interesting (and kind of disturbing) viewing it through my more recent atheism. Thanks again for commiting to this series. I'm definitely in for the long haul.

Thank you for reading the bible!

I would like to thank you for reading the bible. I have only just come across after noticing SD on twitter I had attempted to read the bible myself in the past, found it difficult and therefore boring but you have made it easy and provided the correct respectful tone it requires so thank you

Great podcast!!

Husband and Wife do a great job of making the bible not so boring. I have started reading the Bible several times, but always got too bored and annoyed to keep going. Wife’s reading and narration skills, including funny voices, keep me interested in what’s happening. Husband’s jokes are right on par with my sense of humor so I feel right at home. I also like the fact that they call out the garbage, hypocrisy, and unrealistic nonsense. (I mean a talking donkey, seriously, this book is clearly a fairytale) if Husband and Wife can make it though the whole Bible I will be right there with them until the end!

Hello from Malaysia!

Hello from Malaysia! I am very grateful that I've found your podcast. I was a Christian for the first 20+ years of my life, and I have since been an atheist for the past 6 years. I have decided to re-read the bible without the "god glasses" couple years back. I started reading around the same time you guys started this podcast and boy oh boy is it fascinating to have someone else think "what the fuck is this shit" alongside me! It has been very eye-opening to hear your perspective because I understand all the nuances and supposed "hidden messages" in the bible and they still sometimes cloud the things I'm reading. For example, when David was first "anointed as king" by Samuel, you guys were confused to why there are two kings in Israel. What we were told is that he was chosen to be the next king but not a king yet. So I was confused until that Q&A episode you guys found out about how the kingdom was still split up at that time, and they probably were ruling different parts at the same time. I've been listening to the podcast since the first episode and finally have the means to support you guys. Thank you from the other side of the globe~ #barleyparty

Too f🤬ing hilarious

This couple are definitely "top shelf". They're what a beautiful marriage should be like, funny and forgiving (Husband is a great patient man 🤣😂). Great delivery and making this boring a$$ book bearable. Keep it up.

I'm questioning my Faith

I just came across your podcast and it was so refreshing to listen to your non-Christian views on rhe Bible. I'm questioning my faith and I think I'm beginning to understand why people leave Christianity...